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Assess Co-manufacturers food safety and quality. Handshake.

Putting Food Safety & Quality First in Your Co-Manufacturer Search

Food Safety and Quality Steps Prior to Contacting Co-Manufacturers Have the process…

Hiring, Training, and Retention Webinar Series

Hiring for a Food Safety and Quality Assurance Role

What to Look for in an Applicant What job histories we are…

Reviewing KPIs at a computer desk in a factory.

KPIs for QMS and GFSI Programs

ISO 9001 KPI Requirements For ISO 9001 there are two main sections…

Interpreting KPIs in a Management meeting

Collecting and Interpreting KPIs

Setting up KPI Data Collection In breaking down data collection for key…

Key performance indicator graph

KPIs in Operations

The Most Common KPIs in a Quality Management System The most common…

Setting up your systems for KPIs

Setting up Your System for KPIs

Simple measurements for KPIs Vs. Complex Measurements The simplest metrics for performance…

an introduction to key performance indicators with finger pointing at KPI letters in Bold.

An Introduction into Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are a Tool to Measure Success Most manufacturing businesses have changes…

Government food safety inspectors

Webinar Summary – Government Food Safety Inspections

Basis for Government Food Safety Inspections Laws are the source of timeframes…

Sign in front of the FDA U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration. Responding to an FDA 483 or an FDA Warning Letter.

Responding to an FDA 483 or an FDA Warning Letter

Results of any regulatory inspection, should be reported to senior management, especially…

Analyzing Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators in Manufacturing and Processing

How to Choose KPIs for Your Manufacturing or Processing Business The KPIs…

FDA traceability rule FSMA 204 Barcode creation andTraceability Lot Code (TLC) creation

How to Implement FSMA 204 FDA Traceability Rule

Which Food Businesses Must Comply with FSMA 204 FDA Traceability Rule? Businesses…

Manufacturing Extension Partnership MEP resources, and grants

Manufacturing Extension Partnership Helps Companies Access Resources and Grants

What Services do MEP Centers Provide? MEP centers provide services in the…

Corrugated boxes after GMP audit for packaging

Amazon Food Safety Expectations for Suppliers

The Amazon requirement for third-party food safety certification applies to: Chilled and…

Backflow preventer in a food manufacturing facility.

Backflow Preventers in Food Industry Facilities

What is a Backflow Preventer and Where are They Needed? Backflow preventers…

someone washing their hands at a sink with very soapy hands.

Food Facility Handwashing Requirements

What is required by the FDA? The Food and Drug Administration’s 21…

Food Industry Restroom Requirements. Bathroom

Food Facility Restrooms: Requirements and Best Practices

What are the Restroom Requirements for GFSI Facilities? Several GFSI schemes (i.e….

Laura Swanson, Registered SQF Consultant at Kellerman Consulting and Brian Kellerman, Co-Founder of Kellerman Consulting Conversing.

Internal Audit Preparation Webinar – Recording and Summary

Internally Auditing to a Standard If you are desiring for your facility…

Grocery store suppliers on supermarket shelves.

Top 12 Grocery Stores & Retailers Requiring Food Safety Audits for Suppliers

Albertsons Food Safety Audit Expectations According to Albertsons, all food and food-contact…

Boxes of food products at a Walmart warehouse.

Food Safety Requirements for Selling Your Products at Walmart

Walmart Food Safety Requirements Walmart and Sam’s Club provide their food safety…

Whole Foods Market (WFM) suppliers must have a third-party food safety certificate. Showing a scanner as part of a traceability system.

Whole Foods Market Suppliers Need Food Safety Certification

Six Steps to Prepare for Your Whole Foods Market Food Safety Certification…

plastic containers of produce and meat. FDA and USDA are responsible for overseeing these foods.

What is HACCP Compliance vs. a HACCP Certificate vs. HACCP Certification?

HACCP Compliance HACCP Compliance is a requirement for facilities that are inspected…

Dietary supplement capsule with liquid inside.

Episode 6: Dietary Supplement Certification

Dietary Supplements Differ from Food As we have reviewed throughout this series,…

Testing in a laboratory for dietary supplements

Episode 5: GMPs in a Dietary Supplement Program

Hygiene Programs While your facility may have one set of processes to…

Dietary supplements in bowls

Episode 4: Testing in Dietary Supplement Operations

What we are Testing for Because 21 CFR 111 does not require…

Dietary supplement manufacturing and dietary supplement wall in a pharmacy

Episode 3: Best Practices for Dietary Supplement Operations

The Master Manufacturing Record The Master Manufacturing Record, or MMR is the…

Dietary supplement capsules

Episode 2: Regulatory Framework of Dietary Supplements

21 CFR 111 Looking at 21 CFR part 111, there are 16…

Dietary supplement manufacturing certification support.

Episode 1: Introduction to Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

Definition of a Dietary Supplement According to the FDA, “A dietary supplement…

Validation and verification of in a food manufacturing facility. weighing food on a scale.

Episode 1: Introducing Validation and Verification

Definition of Validation & Verification The concepts of validation vs. verification are…

person pointing a finger showing Invalid Processes and Signs of Invalidation.

Episode 2: Invalid Processes and Signs of Invalidation

Invalid Processes Invalid processes fail to work because they were either not…

Woman looking at a binder and inspecting for validation and verification of a food safety and quality program.

Episode 3: Long Term Planning of Validation & Verification

Validation in our Daily Lives Looking at validation of the larger facets…

Validation and Verification of Ice cream equipment in a factory.

Episode 4: Short Term Planning for Validation and Verification

Short-term Validation Assessment Benefits Where the sources of long-term validation in a…

Validation and verification processes while making cheese in a food factory

Ep 5: Validation & Verification of Critical Safety & Quality Equipment

Validating Equipment for a Recipe  Let’s begin by looking at validation of…

Validation of critical equipment in a butter factory. Close up of a conveyor line in a food manufacturing plant.

Episode 6: Regulatory Requirements and Challenge Studies

FDA regulated facilities that produce other types of food other than juice…

Close up of a metal detector conveyor to illustrate validating foreign material control equipment.

Episode 7: Validation and Verification of Metal Detectors and X-rays

Controversy About X-Rays and Metal Detectors Metal detectors and x-rays are commonly…

Demonstrating validation and verification in a smoked sausage meat plant.

Ep 8: Validation & Verification in Quality & Safety Certification Programs

ISO 9001 quality management requirements and GFSI programs operate on many similar…

Two people wearing white lab coats and looking at an electronic screen while they appear to be discussing food safety & quality topics.

Free Food Safety & Quality A-Z Acronym Download

Food aisle at a grocery store with products on shelves. Most food businesses must comply with FSMA.

Free Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Compliance Checklist

How-to Implement FSMA in a Food Business Kellerman Consulting’s free Food Safety…

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