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Changes to Costco Food Safety Audit Expectations

Changes to Costco Food Safety Audit Expectations

Costco has announced major changes to their food safety audit expectations for all sites starting April 1, 2023.  You might be wondering how these changes impact your business.

Eagle Certification Group has shared several of the key changes to Costco Food Safety Audit expectations and we have summarized them below.

  1. All Costco Food Safety Audits are moving to unannounced except: 
    • Small supplier audits will still be announced. 
    • If a Certification Program Owner (CPO), such as a GFSI-recognized scheme including SQF, BRCGS, PrimusGFS, FSSC 22000 etc… requires an announced certification audit. 
  2. Costco expects at least 60 days of production records or an automatic failure will be given.
  3. The name of the Costco audit is changing from “Costco GMP” to “Costco Food Safety Audit”.
  4. It is preferred for you to be running Costco production during your audit or at least a similar item with similar HACCP plans or Preventive Controls plans.
  5. You must notify Costco of a failed audit and suspended, canceled, or withdrawn certifications.
  6. If you have a recall you must notify Costco within 24 hours.
  7. Costco requires a documented allergen control program. All Kellerman Consulting food safety certification programs include an allergen control program.
  8. Each facility must have a written and validated sanitation program for food contact surfaces. Kellerman Consulting includes this as part of every food safety certification program.
  9. Items imported into the U.S. must have a Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) letter from Costco.  Kellerman Consulting can write and help you implement your FSVP program. 

Please note: Costco may initiate an immediate Costco audit in response to a product recall, serious incident, issue of an FDA warning letter, or Costco concern. 

If you’re overwhelmed or require assistance to meet these new Costco Food Safety Audit expectations, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation at: (800) 535-1376 or INFO@KELLERMANCONSULTING.COM