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Food Safety Training Videos and Free Downloads

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Kellerman Consulting offers an extensive library of food safety & quality management system videos and free downloads, which are designed to make it easier for Food Safety & Quality Assurance professionals to meet the food safety certification, quality management system certification, and FDA/USDA compliance requirements for their facility. Watch our free training videos, download our free food safety & quality management system tools, or become a client and access a package of employee food safety training videos, quizzes, and training logs that are not publicly available – at no additional cost in both English and Spanish.

Traceability Free Training Videos & Related Free Resources

In this video series, the Kellerman Consulting team discusses the important topic of traceability in food businesses. Throughout the six-video series, we cover topics such as what traceability information to collect during the supplier approval process, managing the traceability of Work-in-progress (WIP) and rework materials, and the differences between traceability exercises and mock recalls. 

Someone using a phone to scan a produce barcode to demonstrate traceability.

Episode 1: The Importance of a Traceability Program

In the first video of the series, we begin by defining backward vs. forward traceability and discussing the importance of a traceability program.

Episode 2: Traceability During the Supplier Approval Process

In this episode we discuss what traceability information to collect during the supplier approval process, which materials to collect this information for, and why having this information will help you build a strong traceability system.

Traceability barcode scanning at a grocery store with a scanner.

Episode 3: Traceability During Receiving and Stock Rotation Practices

In the third episode of the Traceability in Food Businesses video series, we discuss what type of traceability information to document at the point of receipt for incoming materials, as well as the basics of proper stock rotation practices.

Traceability scanner being used in a greenhouse on produce.

Episode 4: Traceability During Work-in-Process and Rework

In the fourth episode of the Traceability in Food Businesses video series, we focus on traceability during processing and discuss the importance of using batch records. We also review the identification of both WIP and rework materials and how documenting the use of these materials is critical to a site’s traceability system.

Red apple with a bar code sticker showing traceability.

Episode 5: Tests of the Traceability System and Recall Program

In the fifth episode of the Traceability in Food Businesses video series, we discuss how and when to conduct a traceability exercise, as well as what to document as part of the exercise. We also review how trace exercises and mock recalls are different from one another, and the importance of testing both.

Episode 6: Traceability in GFSI

In the final episode of the series, we discuss the traceability and mock recall requirements for each of the major GFSI schemes: SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, and PrimusGFS. Even if your facility does not operate under a GFSI scheme, this video includes helpful information for those considering implementing a best-in-class traceability program.

Traceability Free Downloads

A traceability exercise is a test of a product through all stages of the traceability system from receiving, stock rotation, processing, packaging, and all the way through to finished product shipment. The most important activity during a recall is to establish clear documentation for every change of custody for each recalled lot of food products.

Batch Record Form

Use this form for each production batch and maintain the completed forms with your traceability records.

Mock Recall Form

Gather your recall team. Perform a traceability exercise. Document the results and any corrective actions. 

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