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Food Safety Training Videos and Free Downloads

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Kellerman Consulting offers an extensive library of food safety & quality management system videos and free downloads, which are designed to make it easier for Food Safety & Quality Assurance professionals to meet the food safety certification, quality management system certification, and FDA/USDA compliance requirements for their facility. Watch our free training videos, download our free food safety & quality management system tools, or become a client and access a package of employee food safety training videos, quizzes, and training logs that are not publicly available – at no additional cost in both English and Spanish.

Supplier Approval Program Free Training Videos & Related Free Resources

Throughout this series, you will learn how to assess and reassess suppliers. You will also learn how to evaluate the risk level for suppliers that sell materials into food manufacturing or food packaging operations based on the food safety information or documentation they are able to provide.

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Episode 1: Foundations of the Supplier Approval

In episode one of Kellerman Consulting’s Supplier Approval video series, we describe the process of establishing and managing food manufacturer supply chains.

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Episode 2: Understanding the Types of Suppliers

Episode two reviews basic classifications of suppliers and the challenges associated with assessing these different types of operations for potential food safety hazards as part of the supplier approval process.

Episode 3: Regulatory Requirements for Supplier Approval Programs

This episode reviews the regulatory requirements a facility has if they are a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility or a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) facility.

Episode 4: Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for Importers

In the fourth episode we continue our discussion on regulatory review and focus on the Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements for imports, and what to expect where the FDA regulates and inspects those imports.

Episode 5: Documentation Assessments and Supplier Reassessments

Episode five explores the process of selecting suppliers for your facility and emphasizes the importance of collecting legal and food safety documentation from the supplier.

Episode 6: Software Solutions in Supplier Assessment Programs

In the sixth episode of Kellerman Consulting’s Supplier Approval Program video series we discuss how different types of software solutions may be used to assist in document collection to efficiently and securely store documents.

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Episode 7: Supplier Approval in GFSI

In this episode we discuss the supplier approval requirements in the major GFSI schemes including: SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, and PrimusGFS. Since all food safety programs must have basic controls over the safety of food or food packaging produced, each of the major GFSI schemes require the highest standards for supplier approval programs.

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Supplier Approval Program Free Downloads

Designate the person or people on your team who will be responsible for reaching out to suppliers for document requests. Create a process and a schedule for reaching out to suppliers to increase your chances of success with obtaining necessary documentation. Use our guide to help determine which documents to request from suppliers and how important it is that you receive each document.

Supplier Approval Document Guide

Your Supplier Approval Guide Includes a list of documents to request from suppliers. Suggested levels of priority for obtaining these documents.

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