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Food Safety Training Videos and Free Downloads

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Kellerman Consulting offers an extensive library of food safety & quality management system videos and free downloads, which are designed to make it easier for Food Safety & Quality Assurance professionals to meet the food safety certification, quality management system certification, and FDA/USDA compliance requirements for their facility. Watch our free training videos, download our free food safety & quality management system tools, or become a client and access a package of employee food safety training videos, quizzes, and training logs that are not publicly available – at no additional cost in both English and Spanish.

Key Performance Indicators Video Series & Related Free Resources

This free Key Performance Indicators (KPI) video series examines how to develop KPIs to demonstrate that operations are performing as expected, and that you are getting sustainable results.

KPIs apply to all businesses, and are in fact used by most businesses that operate sophisticated quality and safety programs.

an introduction to key performance indicators with finger pointing at KPI letters in Bold.

Episode 1: An Introduction into Key Performance Indicators

In this episode we define what Key Performance Indicators are, why they are important to our business, and what the basic categories of KPIs are.

Setting up your systems for KPIs

Episode 2: Setting up Your System for KPIs

This episode discusses how to establish KPIs, where to look in the business to determine which indicators are best, and how to establish the proper review processes for KPIs.

Key performance indicator graph

Episode 3: KPIs in Operations

In this episode we are going to focus on setting KPIs to examine operations and the core manufacturing actions of the business.

Interpreting KPIs in a Management meeting

Episode 4: Collecting and Interpreting KPIs

In this episode we are going to look at the critical actions to record the data in a meaningful way and interpret the data to effectively understand if the company is functioning properly.

Reviewing KPIs at a computer desk in a factory.

Episode 5: KPIs for QMS and GFSI Programs

In this episode we are going to discuss practically how key performance indicators are handled in quality and safety management systems and what auditors will be looking for in properly functioning programs.

Key Performance Indicator Free Download

Download this Key Performance Indicator Spreadsheet, update the spreadsheet with current dates and your customized KPIs, and utilize it to start tracking your KPIs today! Make sure to share the results to improve your business.

KPI Tracking Spreadsheet

Download the free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) spreadsheet and start tracking them today!

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