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Food Safety Training Videos and Free Downloads

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Kellerman Consulting offers an extensive library of food safety & quality management system videos and free downloads, which are designed to make it easier for Food Safety & Quality Assurance professionals to meet the food safety certification, quality management system certification, and FDA/USDA compliance requirements for their facility. Watch our free training videos, download our free food safety & quality management system tools, or become a client and access a package of employee food safety training videos, quizzes, and training logs that are not publicly available – at no additional cost in both English and Spanish.

Environmental Monitoring Programs Free Training Videos & Related Free Resources

Throughout Kellerman Consulting’s free nine-episode Environmental Monitoring Program video series, we review all of the required components in setting up an environmental monitoring program. We evaluate the main organisms a facility should consider at the start of a program, and review what resources are available to perform environmental monitoring on an ongoing basis.

Episode 1: An Introduction to Environmental Monitoring Programs

Let’s begin with the basics of implementing and operating an environmental monitoring program for food and food packaging facilities. To do so, we start with what an environmental monitoring program is for, and what the first steps are in setting the program up.

red food borne illness pathogens under a microscope.

Episode 2: Deciding How Often to Perform Environmental Monitoring

In Kellerman Consulting’s second episode of the Environmental Monitoring Program video series, we focus on determining how frequently a facility should swab for environmental pathogens or quality organisms in the facility.

Food borne illness pathogens under a microscope in blue.

Episode 3: Conducting Environmental Monitoring

In this episode we look at where to get environmental swabs, where to use environmental swabs, how to swab, how often to swab, and what to do with the results.

A petri dish with red lines and dots from a food pathogen.

Episode 4: Swabbing Drains in Environmental Monitoring

For facilities with established environmental monitoring programs, drains present a unique challenge and opportunity to monitor for organisms, and thinking through the approach to including or excluding drains from the swabbing schedule is important.

red food borne illness pathogens under a microscope.

Episode 5: Complex Swabbing Patterns

We continue our look at advanced practices in environmental monitoring in the 5th episode of this video series. We need to look at strategies and patterns for swabbing to assure that we are successful in tracking down pathogens, and to eradicate them before they get near areas where equipment or product is at risk.

Episode 6: Environmental Swabbing in Meat and Poultry Facilities (FSIS)

In this video series we have focused on how to build an effective environmental monitoring program for food and food packaging facilities. Regulatory oversight in these programs often occur during infrequent visits that are conducted annually, or even less frequently. One major exception are facilities under FSIS jurisdiction, in which regular oversight occurs, often every day.

A person wearing protective equipment and checking a tank in a food factory.

Episode 7: How to Handle the Discovery of Pathogens in the Facility

In this episode we turn our attention to what to do when swabbing uncovers the presence of pathogens or spoilage organisms in the facility.

A person in a laboratory examining a petri dish for pathogens. Looking for food safety issues.

Episode 8: Quality Issues in EMP Programs

In episode eight of Kellerman Consulting’s Environmental Monitoring Program video series, we shift our attention to indicator testing and quality testing, which have different requirements than pathogen testing.

Yellow petri dish on a laboratory table.

Episode 9: Environmental Monitoring in GFSI Programs

Each of the major GFSI programs, SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000 and PrimusGFS programs all require fully implemented environmental monitoring programs to be in place as part of the safety and quality programs, including risk assessments justifying the approach taken in the facility.

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Environmental Monitoring Programs Free Downloads

To create an environmental program site master list, start in the highest risk area of your facility, i.e., after the kill step but before packaging; or if there is no kill step, anywhere product is exposed. Make an extensive list of potential sampling sites. Learn how to use different types of swabs. Download Kellerman Consulting’s Free Environmental Monitoring Swab Location Guide to help you get started today.

Bioproducts EZ Reach Swab Instructions

Bioproducts Pur-Blue Swab Instructions

Environmental Monitoring Program Swab Location Guide

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