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Food Safety Training Videos and Free Downloads

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Kellerman Consulting offers an extensive library of food safety & quality management system videos and free downloads, which are designed to make it easier for Food Safety & Quality Assurance professionals to meet the food safety certification, quality management system certification, and FDA/USDA compliance requirements for their facility. Watch our free training videos, download our free food safety & quality management system tools, or become a client and access a package of employee food safety training videos, quizzes, and training logs that are not publicly available – at no additional cost in both English and Spanish.

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Video Series & Related Free Resources

In Kellerman Consulting’s Quality & Food Safety Training series on Dietary Supplement Manufacturing we detail how to create a dietary supplement program to comply with 21 CFR 111.  We will explore how to properly set up a Master Manufacturing Record, testing programs, and preventive controls within operations to meet regulatory requirements, as well as to ultimately comply with cGMP standards for NSF or GFSI voluntary third-party certification programs.

Episode 1: Introduction to Dietary Supplements

We will start with some background on the difficult issues that surround dietary supplements and the big picture regulatory requirements in managing a properly functioning dietary supplement program.

Episode 2: Regulatory Framework of Dietary Supplements

In this episode we are going to introduce the regulatory framework by which dietary supplements are manufactured, and how regulations for dietary supplements differ from food products.

Episode 3: Best Practices for Dietary Supplement Operations

In this episode, we are going to explore the critical document system required in all dietary supplement manufacturing, the master manufacturing record, or the MMR.

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Episode 4: Testing in a Dietary Supplement Program

In this video we cover the requirements for testing in dietary supplement programs and how to ensure that your program is designed to meet regulatory requirements of 21 CFR 111 and GMP requirements from 21 CFR 117 as they apply to dietary supplements.

Episode 5: GMPs in a Dietary Supplement Program

This episode focuses on the prerequisite programs and good manufacturing practices, or GMPs, that support the systems we’ve already discussed to operate a properly run dietary supplement facility.

Episode 6: Dietary Supplement Certification

In this episode, we are going to survey the certification programs for dietary supplements and the basic expectations for facilities choosing to undergo certification.

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Free Download

The Master Manufacturing Record, or MMR is the critical component of a dietary supplement program. The requirement for the MMR is found in section K of 21 CFR 111, and it is the main set of information that the quality team must compile each time supplements are processed in a facility.

Download the free MMR checklist to help you set up the key part of your dietary supplement program.

Master Manufacturing Record Checklist Free Download

Download this Master Manufacturing Record Checklist to help you organize the required forms and records for each Dietary Supplement batch.

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