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Episode 5: The Walk-Through

Episode 5: The Walk-Through

Culture of Food Safety

One of the biggest takeaways that our food safety consultants have seen from working with over 600+ clients is that “The Walk-through” is an often overlooked tool, which if practiced with regularity, can significantly improve your food safety program. This video describes “The Walk-Through” in detail, with practical applications that you can easily slot into your daily routine.

Leadership walking through a hydroponic lettuce growing operation and inspecting produce.

What you will get out of this video is a how-to for conducting a leadership walk-through, as well as what to look for and how to address issues when you find them.

It is important to consider these walk-throughs for your facility, because when walk-throughs are performed consistently by leadership, we can assure the culture of food safety fully takes hold, and once in place, stays in place, even where turnover in personnel occurs.

This video episode completes the foundation of a Culture of Food Safety, and the next video in this series describes the specific Culture of Food Safety requirements related to each Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) program. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube or follow us on LinkedIn for more educational food safety videos.

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