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Episode 1: Problematic Events in the Facility

Episode 1: Problematic Events in the Facility

Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA)

In our second video series, the Kellerman Consulting team focuses on the important topic of Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions, or CAPA. In this seven video series, we cover topics including how to conduct a root cause analysis, the difference between ‘corrections’ and ‘corrective actions’, why documenting loss of control events is so critical, and more. In the first video of the series, we start with describing different types of problematic events in the facility.

Problematic events in a food facility can be categorized by process deviations and facility problems. Process deviations are instances of undesirable results that deviate from your normal operating procedures or product specifications. An example of a process deviation can include product temperature deviations, such as when a dense product does not meet the required temperatures or time limits during the cooling process, or when a cooked product does not meet the target temperature during the baking step. Process deviations can occur through no fault of the employees, facility, or equipment; it simply means that the process did not work as intended in that given moment.

Facility problems, on the other hand, can be described as problematic events caused by failures of the facility, equipment, or even employees working in the establishment. Examples of facility problems can include condensation drips caused by refrigeration units or metal shavings found on equipment framework due to a misaligned metal guard. These types of problematic events fall outside of the expected variation within your process and can result in significantly greater time and capital investment to come to a resolution.

Understanding the different types of problematic events in a facility can help you determine the direction to take to correct the deviation and ultimately prevent future occurrences. In our next video in the CAPA series, we discuss root cause analyses, corrective actions, and preventive actions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on LinkedIn to be notified of new educational food safety resources.

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