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Episode 4: Transforming Your Meetings

Episode 4: Transforming Your Meetings

Culture of Food Safety

In our fourth video in the Culture of Food Safety series, we provide you with simple strategies to help you transform your meetings into ones that meet the level required for a Culture of Food Safety.

A man and a woman standing together and inspecting equipment in a food factory to demonstrate food safety culture.

Site leadership should be involved in all Culture of Food Safety meetings. This video describes how your organization’s core values can be highlighted in your meetings, how key metrics can be examined, and we provide suggestions for utilizing feedback from supervisors and operational employees in regards to worker and food safety.

In this video, we give you questions that you can ask related to core values, and ideas for quick reports of your key metrics that you can likely pull from data that you are already collecting. The tips we offer are designed to not take up too much additional time in your already busy schedule.

Meetings are critical for sustaining a culture of food safety, however, the walk-through is an equally essential (and often overlooked) tool for promoting your Culture of Food Safety. The walk-through will be our focus for the next video in the Culture of Food Safety series. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube or follow us on LinkedIn for more educational food safety videos.

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