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Food Safety & Quality Management System Insights

Yellow petri dish on a laboratory table.

Episode 9: Environmental Monitoring in GFSI Programs

Each of the major GFSI programs, SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000 and PrimusGFS…

A person in a laboratory examining a petri dish for pathogens. Looking for food safety issues.

Episode 8: Quality Issues In EMP programs

Since indicator organisms such as Aerobic bacteria and coliforms are allowable in…

A person wearing protective equipment and checking a tank in a food factory.

Episode 7: How to Handle the Discovery of Pathogens in the Facility

Included in our discussion of a response to these positive results are…

Episode 6: Environmental Swabbing in Meat and Poultry Facilities (FSIS)

In an FSIS regulated facility, and specifically those that process ready-to-eat products…

Episode 5: Complex Swabbing Patterns

An effective environmental monitoring program should have a strategic and at least…

Episode 4: Swabbing Drains in Environmental Monitoring

For operations with drains, and that should be most food and food…

Food borne illness pathogens under a microscope in blue.

Episode 3: Conducting Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is intended to mainly monitor non-food contact surfaces near food…

red food borne illness pathogens under a microscope.

Episode 2: Deciding How often to Perform Environmental Monitoring

The most important issue in determining the frequency of swabbing in a…

Episode 1: An Introduction to Environmental Monitoring Programs

Let’s begin with the basics of implementing and operating an environmental monitoring…

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