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Episode 6: Traceability in GFSI

Episode 6: Traceability in GFSI

In the final episode of the Traceability in Food Businesses video series, we discuss the traceability and mock recall requirements for each of the major GFSI schemes: SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, and PrimusGFS. Even if your facility does not operate under a GFSI scheme, this video includes helpful information for those considering implementing a best-in-class traceability program.

In facilities operating under an SQF program, traceability exercises are required to be conducted once annually. Sites must have a standard operating procedure for performing traceability exercises, and training for employees responsible for performing the exercises must be documented. The SQF Practitioner must present results from traceability exercises to Senior Management during the required review meetings.

Facilities that operate under a BRCGS program are required to perform at least one test of the recall system annually, which should include a traceability exercise. Unlike the other GFSI schemes, BRCGS requirements dictate a 4-hour time limit to conduct a traceability exercise.

In facilities operating under an FSSC 22000 program, both a traceability program and recall program are required, and each are to be tested annually. The core concept of communication should be emphasized during traceability and mock recall exercises through documented trainings for program requirements and the testing of communication activities during mock recalls.

Facilities that operate under a PrimusGFS program must conduct a test of the mock recall program and traceability program every 6 months, so these tests must be conducted twice a year. Similar to other GFSI programs, internal audits and management review of the system tests must be performed.

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