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Episode 6: Culture of Food Safety in GFSI

Episode 6: Culture of Food Safety in GFSI

The last video in our series examines the different ways each Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification program incorporates a Culture of Food Safety. Even if you do not currently run a GFSI program at your facility, or if you are considering what it means to have a high level safety and quality program in your facility, hopefully this video will give you an idea of what these certification programs are looking for in regards to a Culture of Food Safety.

SQF is the newest GFSI program to adopt the Culture of Food Safety as a requirement for food and food packaging businesses subscribed to the scheme. We see the SQF requirements include scheduling Culture of Food Safety meetings, examining key metrics, and doing walk-throughs and getting feedback from employees.

BRCGS has long held the requirement of a Culture of Food Safety. BRCGS has its own unique take on a Culture of Food Safety, which emphasizes the importance of feedback. The Kellerman Consulting videos do not directly address the BRCGS clauses, but if these practices are adopted, they will meet or exceed BRCGS standards.

The ISO 22000 manual for FSSC22000 certification illustrates the origins of the Culture of Food Safety now integrated into all GFSI. This video describes how the core concept of communication is elevated by this scheme in ways that SQF and BRCGS do not do.

PrimusGFS and Global GAP have not released updated language on a culture of food safety as of this video, however, we can expect feedback from indoor or outdoor farm workers will be incorporated, including a presentation of NUOCA’s (Notice of Unusual Occurrences and Corrective Actions) and discipline activities. as well as, multilingual training of the program for these schemes.

Each GFSI program has continuous improvement expectations embedded into it, that ultimately promote a Culture of Food Safety. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube or follow us on LinkedIn for more educational food safety videos.

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