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Episode 4: Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for Importers

Episode 4: Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for Importers

In the fourth episode of our Supplier Approval Program series, we will continue our discussion on regulatory review and focus on the Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements for imports, and what to expect where the FDA regulates and inspects those imports.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program, or FSVP, is a program requirement that was put into place as part of the Food Safety Modernization act of 2011. Enforcement began in 2015, and applies to the importation of all food not under import inspection by the USDA and FSIS, and includes food items such as, but not limited to, packaged goods, cooking oils, various types of produce, dietary supplements and baby formula.

FSVP is fairly straightforward, but the difficulty with it often stems from the fact that some importers have limited knowledge of food safety. In our next video, we will get into more detail on how to perform an assessment of the documentation provided by your suppliers for supplier approval and FSVP compliance. At a minimum, you will need to include a requirement for HACCP Plans, or at least flow charts and hazard analyses, proof of training and testing documentation.

FSVP programs must be reassessed at least every year and sometimes quarterly depending on the risk level identified for your suppliers. You must review your list of foreign suppliers and the items imported to make sure that the list is up-to-date and assess any updates that need to be made.

Thank you for watching. In our next episode of the Supplier Approval Video series, we’ll discuss how to conduct document assessments and reassessments for the programs once in place.

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