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Episode 2: Structure and Delegation

Episode 2: Structure and Delegation

Episode 2: Structure and Delegation

The second video in our Culture of Food Safety series expands on the framework of a Culture of Food Safety by focusing on structure and delegation within the facility. We carry forward the concepts of Core Values, Accountability and Impunity from our first video, and add the concepts of Structure and Delegation, to help your leadership team assure that employees understand how they fit into the Culture of Food Safety.

This video describes how to properly set up organizational structure, and emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks to assure a culture of food safety. The structure must be written down in the form of an organizational chart in order to have a culture of food safety. The chart should be updated when employees come and go from the organization. An organizational chart is a key reference point for documenting leadership, and the lines of responsibility for food safety tasks.

We offer strategies for effectively delegating tasks in this video. Delegation is where leadership or management has defined the acceptable task and has determined who will be assigned to complete the task and when. Delegated tasks should have written records to increase accountability.

Having a clear organizational structure with defined roles and responsibilities, and delegating tasks appropriately, can help you create a sustainable culture of food safety. In our next video you will learn practical tips for utilizing key metrics to build a culture of food safety. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube or follow us on LinkedIn for more educational food safety videos.

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