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Episode 1: Foundations of the Supplier Approval

Episode 1: Foundations of the Supplier Approval

In episode one of Kellerman Consulting’s Supplier Approval video series, we describe the process of establishing and managing food manufacturer supply chains. Throughout this series, you will learn how to assess and reassess suppliers. You will also learn how to evaluate the risk level for suppliers that sell materials into food manufacturing or food packaging operations based on the food safety information or documentation they are able to provide.

We address who should be leading assessment and approval activities, and how to properly communicate about suppliers within your organization. Additionally, we review what documentation suppliers should be providing and what to do in situations where suppliers are unable or unwilling to provide the information requested in a reasonable amount of time. Due to the time consuming nature of gathering supplier documentation, you may find our list of suggestions regarding the priority level of obtaining each of these documents helpful.

In this episode, we offer specific examples from industry experience that may help you find new ways to manage your supply chain. We explore strategies for identifying potential suppliers of ingredients that satisfy the priorities of different departments within your organization, while upholding safety standards.

In our next episode of the Supplier Approval series, we’ll discuss manufacturers, brokers, agents, importers and subcontracted entities, and how to approach each for your supplier approval process.

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