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Thank you for connecting with Kellerman Consulting. We are happy to share our resources with you to help complete internal resources for your facility.

Instructions for using your Internal Audit Readiness Checklist


This checklist is designed to highlight the necessary elements to have in place prior to completing your internal audit.


Your checklist encourages you to stick to an internal audit schedule and to prioritize your set timeline.


Your Internal Audit Readiness Checklist emphasizes the importance of communicating the internal audit information to the team and leadership of your organization.

Instructions for using your Internal Audit Template:


Fill in your company logo, address, date of internal audit, internal audit team, dates under review, document numbers, and appropriate audit criteria


Document evidence of each audit criteria & any comments


Rate your findings as Compliant (C), Non-Compliant (NC), Opportunity for Improvement (OFI), or Not Applicable (NA) against the audit criteria.


Create a summary of findings and a list of action items


Assign follow up action items to owners, with target completion dates and priority level


Share internal audit findings with senior management

Internal Audit Template

Use this free internal audit template to document your findings during your internal audit. Customize this template with the appropriate audit criteria to prepare for your internal audit.

Internal Audit Readiness Checklist

Download your internal audit readiness checklist to help you plan for your internal audit. This document outlines the key steps that you don’t want to miss.

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