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custom packaging company receives SQF, ISO 9001, and FSC certification.

Packaging and Printing Company Passes ISO 9001: 2015, SQF, and FSC Certification Audits

A custom packaging and printing company in California sought out Kellerman Consulting to help them acquire ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification, Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification to put themselves in the best position to sell their business.

The Overview:

  • A packaging and printing company engaged Kellerman Consulting to write and help implement ISO 9001:2015, SQF, and FSC certification programs ahead of the sale of their business.
  • The person designated by the packaging and printing company as lead during the audit did not have prior experience in Quality Assurance, therefore, careful training was required to help them pass the certification audits.
  • There were no existing SOPs in place, thus Kellerman Consulting wrote entire ISO 9001:2015, SQF, and FSC certification programs tailored to their operation.
Custom printing and packaging companies is FSC certified, ISO 9001 Certified, and SQF certified.

The Result

With the support of Kellerman Consulting, a packaging and printing company passed their FSC certification, and in quick succession, their SQF certification audit and ISO 9001:2015 certification audit in order to ready the business for sale.

Custom carton printing at an SQF, ISO 9001:2015, and FSC certified company

Our Process

Intake Process and ISO 9001, FSC, and SQF Gap Assessment

  • The facility was starting from scratch and did not have SOPs written, so Kellerman Consulting wrote entire programs to meet SQF, FSC, and ISO 9001 standards. 
  • An initial on-site visit was used to identify areas of improvement and clarify SQF, ISO 9001, and FSC requirements that would need to be implemented in the facility prior to certification. 

Program Development

  • Documents designed to meet SQF Edition 9 standards, FSC standards, and ISO 9001:2015 standards were created and released to the client within 8 weeks.
  • Documents were further customized to the client’s operation during implementation calls leading up to the audits.


  • Implementation calls were held weekly with the site’s new Quality Assurance lead to review, explain, and tailor each program to fit their needs and operations.

Audit Preparation

  • A second site visit was conducted to complete a full in-person internal audit of the SQF program, FSC program, and ISO 9001:2015. 
  • Findings from the Internal Audit helped guide final efforts to prepare for the audit and close identified gaps in the program. 

Audit Support

  • During the audit, our consultant was available to offer support but the team at the packaging and printing company was fully prepared and passed the audits successfully on the first try.
Jaime Miller, female Registered SQF Consultant discussing the Kellerman Consulting process.

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