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Publix Food Safety Requirements for Suppliers

Publix is a major U.S. grocery chain operating throughout the Southeastern United States. Publix requires all suppliers to provide documentation of an annual third party audit assessing food safety and quality systems.

Publix Food Safety Audit Requirements

  • Publix requires all suppliers to provide documentation of an annual third party audit assessing both food safety (e.g., GMP/HACCP) and quality systems to Publix. 
  • Publix requires that all suppliers of products that are finished food, ingredients and food packaging material achieve and maintain certification audits from one of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked audit standards.
  • It is the suppliers’ responsibility to first obtain approval from Publix to utilize the manufacturing facility of another party. An approved certification or third party food safety audit must be provided to Publix prior to allowing a different or new production facility to produce Product.
  • Kellerman Consulting is not affiliated with Publix. For detailed Publix supplier requirements view their full guide.

Additional Publix Supplier Food Safety Requirements

In addition to Publix general requirement for annual third party certification, suppliers should be prepared for the following and more:

Right to Audit

Publix reserves the right to conduct an audit of any Supplier’s facility, including third party co-packing facilities where Publix Brand Products are produced or processed and any warehouse facility where Publix Brand Products may be stored or warehoused.

Annual Third-Party Audits

For Publix Brand Suppliers that do not produce food and fall outside the requirements of GFSI, third-party food safety and/or product safety audits must be conducted at least annually. These third party audits should be unannounced.

Regulatory Requirements

Publix expects all Suppliers to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Refrigerated and Frozen Products

The Supplier must ensure that the Carrier has developed and implemented written procedures for pre-cooling mechanically refrigerated cold storage compartments or containers and for conducting in-transit temperature monitoring with respect to Refrigerated and frozen Product shipments. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Publix requires Suppliers of fresh fruits or vegetables to have their On the Farm Food Safety Management Systems audited by an approved independent third-party food safety auditor and/or certification provider.

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