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Food Safety & Quality Management System Insights

Episode 6: Traceability in GFSI

In facilities operating under an SQF program, traceability exercises are required to…

Red apple with a bar code sticker showing traceability.

Episode 5: Tests of the Traceability System and Recall Program

A traceability exercise is a test of a site’s entire traceability system…

Traceability scanner being used in a greenhouse on produce.

Episode 4: Traceability During Work-in-Process and Rework

Documenting the use of materials in production can be accomplished by using…

Traceability barcode scanning at a grocery store with a scanner.

Episode 3: Traceability During Receiving and Stock Rotation Practices

To ensure traceability of materials throughout an operation, a company must document…

Episode 2: Traceability During the Supplier Approval Process

Food businesses should be prepared to collect important food safety and quality…

Someone using a phone to scan a produce barcode to demonstrate traceability.

Episode 1: The Importance of a Traceability Program

Traceability is the ability to follow, or trace, a finished product or…

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