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Since 2017, we’ve assisted 500+ clients throughout the food supply chain and we’ve seen it all.

To be compliant at your FDA, USDA, or State-Inspected facility, you need to have a documented HACCP Plan/Food Safety Plan as well as standard operating procedures for multiple parts of your process including good manufacturing practices, sanitation, supplier approval, recall and traceability, and more.

We write your program, train you, help with implementation, and stay with you until you pass your inspection.

Responsive, straightforward, and dedicated to our clients, our success rate is 100% because we stay with our clients until they pass, no matter what.

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We create custom projects for every business we serve.

They are a pleasure to work with. I have a lot to do and am very busy – they outlined everything out in a very reasonable fashion and got the job done in the precision and detail we needed it to be. I would work with them again!

– Ben Uvodich, Regional Manager, Roka Akor

Case Studies

A Last-Minute Deadline to Keep the Doors Open

A produce importing company needed to quickly complete the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program in order to continue day-to-day business. They had a 14-day deadline.

The Overview:

  • Frequently, smaller importers are unaware of the requirements for a foreign supplier verification program.
  • The FDA informed the company they had 14 days to submit a completed FSVP and supplier risk assessments.
  • They had two major concerns: (1) Food items they intended to import may be detained, confiscated, and possibly destroyed, and (2) they weren’t in a position to quickly develop documentation for testing and hazard analysis if needed.

The Result:

From our experience writing many Foreign Supplier Verification Programs, we helped the firm meet the 14-day deadline. The FDA approved the program and allowed them to continue operating without any disruption to their business.

Creating a New HACCP Program to Go Wholesale

A regional grocery store chain with a central commissary facility for their grocery chains wanted to make improvements to their food safety program in order to start selling wholesale.

The Overview:

  • They were exempt from having to comply with FDA and USDA wholesale manufacturing requirements because they packaged food for sale in their own retail grocery store locations.
  • Food safety plans were required for all items if the company wanted to sell to other businesses.
  • Redesign of operations had been performed by a high-level employee with a manufacturing background, but the documentation sets reflected a mix of retail and wholesale concepts that were out of line with their current practices.
  • Operational procedures, policies, and practices become set based on the retail rules, which doesn’t adequately prepare the commissary for the realities of wholesale manufacturing.

The Result:

8 food safety plans (including HACCP and Preventive Controls) were created along with on-site training. All inspections were passed.

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